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Asian Ethnology 74 (1)

Editors’ Note
Korom, Frank J., and Benjamin Dorman

Popular Perceptions of Masculinity in Rural North Indian Oral Traditions
Chowdhry, Prem

Leisure, Work, and Constituted Everydayness: Mountain Songs of Hakka Women in Colonized Northern Taiwan (1930–1955)
Chien, Mei-ling

Cultivating Ezo: Indigenous Innovation and Ecological Change during Japan’s Bakumatsu Era
Loy, Christopher

Wild Sacredness and the Poiesis of Transactional Networks Relational Divinity and Spirit Possession in the Būta Ritual of South India
Ishii, Miho

Bloody Hell! Reading Boys’ Books in Seventeenth-Century Japan
Kimbrough, R. Keller

Toward a Modern Buddhist Hagiography Telling the Life of Hsing Yun in Popular Media
Chia, Jack Meng-Tat

Between Desire and Duty: On Tibetan Identity and its Effects on Second-Generation Tibetans
Lauer, Tina

Tea Practices in Mongolia: A Field of Female Power and Gendered Meanings
Bamana, Gaby

Review of: John Melville Bishop, In The Wilderness of a Troubled Genre
Stoller, Paul

Review of: Wendy J. N. Lee, Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey
Korom, Frank J.

Review of: Peter van der Veer, The Modern Spirit of Asia: The Spiritual and the Secular in China and India
DuBois, Thomas David

Review of: Chadwick Allen, Trans-Indigeneous: Methodologies for Global Native Literary Studies
Eubanks, Charlotte

Review of: Razia Sultanova, From Shamanism to Sufism: Women, Islam and Culture in Central Asia
Wolf, Richard K.

Review of: Rachel Harris, Rowan Pease, and Shzr Ee Tan, eds., Gender in Chinese Music
Louie, Kam

Review of: Mun Young Cho, The Specter of “the People”: Urban Poverty in Northeast China
Luo, Jialing

Review of: Mariangela Giusti and Urmila Chakraborty, eds. Immagini, storie, parole: Dialoghi di formazione coi dipinti cantati delle donne Chitrakar del West Bengal
Lorea, Carola Erika

Review of: Nissim Kadosh Otmazgin, The Political Economy of Japanese Popular Culture in Asia
Foster, Michael Dylan

Review of: Noriko Aso, Public Properties: Museums in Imperial Japan
Eubanks, Charlotte

Review of: John K. Nelson, Experimental Buddhism: Innovation and Activism in Contemporary Japan
Eubanks, Charlotte

Review of: Kyung Hyun Kim and Youngmin Choe, eds., The Korean Popular Culture Reader
Jackson, Andrew David

Review of: Kevin Bubriski, Nepal: 1975–2011
Gutschow, Niels

Review of: Marshall Clark and Juliet Pietsch, Indonesia-Malaysia Relations: Cultural Heritage, Politics and Labour Migration
Missbach, Antje